Vintage interracial porn videos in “Sexy Nurses On And Off Duty”

Name: Sexy Nurses On And Off Duty

Year: 1990

Duration: 70 min

Director: C.C. Williams

Country: United States

Language: English

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Actress: Carol Cummings,Purple Passion,Heather Lere,Kimberly Kane,DeeJay

Actors: Sean Michaels,TT Boy,Ed Navarro,Ray Victory,Wayne Summers,Hans Mueller

On or off duty, these sexy nurses make sure you are sexually healthy! If you have a high temperature, these ladies are bound to make it even hotter! This is classic material from a bygone golden era of adult film. Some of the best ever in the business, do what they do best right here. Thank god they make house calls


Rikki Gambino – Vintage interracial porn videos

Rikki Gambino - Vintage interracial porn videos

Name: In-Flight Service

Year: 1975

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 48 min

Director: Charles Smith

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Actress: Rikki Gambino,Sherry Cass,Leti Ball

Actors: Bobby Astor,Leon Gucci,Alan Marlow,Turk Turpin,Gandorph the Grey,Boor Wilson

Rikki Gambino - Vintage interracial porn videos

Pack your bags and get ready to roll cuz we’re off to the East Coast to sample a bit of New York-bred Seventies sleaze. The item at hand – In-Flight Service – is, in fact, the work of none other than the After Hours Collector’s good buddy, Charles Lamont (better known to Sixties sexploitation fanatics as C. Davis Smith). A pure product of the infamous Kirtman Studios – New York’s Gower Gulch of Z-grade sexploitation since its inception in the late 1960s – In-Flight Service is an off-kilter example of the kind of Gotham-born grind-fare that washed out into 8th Avenue’s infamous filth-houses.


Vintage interracial porn videos – “Nasty Nymphos 2”

Name: Nasty Nymphos 2

Country: United States

Year: 1994

Director: Christopher Alexander

Language: English

Duration: 138 min

Actors: Tom Byron,Tony Tedeschi,Mark Davis,Julian St. Jox,Dick Nasty,Steve Hatcher

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Actress: Dominique Bouche,Whitney Banks,Wednesday,Chanel,Axinia,Genevieve LeFleur

This is a great video! No filler, just great SEX! Biff Malibu gives you more of what you want in an adult video. 6 ALL NEW sex scenes, 6 hot babes, 4 anal scene, interracial action, & 5 facial finishes. ENJOY! Oh yeah, Wednesday’s first ever anal is here too!


Olivia fuck in “Rebel Cheerleaders”

Name: Rebel Cheerleaders

Country: United States

Director: Paul Norman

Duration: 143 min

Language: English

Year: 1995

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Actors: Scott Turner,Bobby Vitale,Jay Ashley,Alec Metro,Chaz Chase

Actress: Rebecca Bardoux,Olivia,Sindee Coxx,Dallas D’Amour

These Wildcats never lose because of the cheerleaders and how they play the game. Led by hot Yell Captain JR Carrington they ball the opposing team into fatigue, leaving them thinking about pussy not points. Join the always odd Paul Norman in his latest twisted tale., filled with letter jackets, pom poms and pleated skirts that come off so, so easy. Give a Rebel Yell for JR Carrington in Wave DVD’s Rebel Cheerleader.