Ginger Lynn Trivia

Ginger Lynn TriviaIn 1975 made a suicide attempt by drug overdose at the age of 12 to escape from her mother’s constant abuse.
Was jailed briefly for suspicion of tax evasion.
Was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the summer of 2000. She underwent a total hysterectomy and some chemotherapy and as of early 2002 she is now cancer free.
Owns a vast collection of ‘Troll’ dolls
Unlike many former porn stars who’ve left the industry, she has said that she actually enjoyed her years in the adult-film business and isn’t ashamed of anything she did.
Her parents divorced when she was 13.
Gave birth to her 1st child at age 33, a son Stering Wayne Robert, on March 31, 1996. Child’s father is her ex-boyfriend.
Profiled in the book "Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women of Classic Erotic Cinema, 1968-1985" by Jill C. Nelson.
Retired from the adult film industry a second time and is pursuing mainstream acting gigs. [2002]
Plays the small-role of the "camp nurse" in the teen comedy "American Pie Presents Band Camp". Her role as the Head Camp Nurse is expanded-on, exclusively for a ‘featurette’ on the DVD. [Dec 2005]
Former adult film star turned actress.
Beat out Traci Lords to be Vivid Video’s first "Vivid Girl" (contract performer), although she never liked the term "girl".
Served a jail term related to tax-evasion, which was a case she insisted was politically motivated by anti-porn elements in the Ronald Reagan and George Bush "41" administrations.
Since March 2006, Ginger and Christy Canyon have co-hosted Playboy’s "Night Calls Radio" on Sirius Satellite Radio’s channel 198. [Feb 2008]
When filming "Surrender in Paradise", she wore the same dress she wore at her high school prom three years earlier.
Graduated from Rockford West High School (Ill.) in 1981.
Her first adult feature was "Surrender in Paradise" in 1984. She was dating Jerry Butler at the time and performed in her first scene with Ron Jeremy. She celebrated her 21st birthday during production.
Close friend of comedian Joe Rogan, and appeared on his album, "I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday".